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  • George StephI support the idea of creating a site for online booking of sports facilities. This will expand the possibilities of sports teams to organize training process around the world.
    George Steph
    Technical Director of Cyprus Volleyball Federation
  • ДубровI like the professional idea of the Ilia's company SMARTSPORT. He is both an athlete and businessman. So, he knows the approach to solving problems. I think the online project SMARTSPORT.COM is a project of the future.
    Denis Dubrov
    Swimmer, Paralympian swimmer, World Champion, Champion of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016
  • arilson-cesar-cieloThis was my first experience with Smart Sport because I was part of the Ukraine Swimming Team for the World Championship in Windsor. And it was a really good experience, since the time I landed in Canadá, cause client manager calls me on my phone and stay sure all the time that everything was fine with me. We stay in touch by WhatsApp messenger all the time and I felt all the time supported by her. She replied me really quickly every time I had some questions with the answer! This kind of attendance makes us really comfortable and confident about the support. Be sure that I would recommend your company when asked about it, and I will also consider you when I have my plans defined for the next seasons. Congratulations for your work!
    Arilson Soares da Silva
    Head Coach of the Brazil Swimming Team
  • 7SmartSport team performs high standards of services. Paralympic athletes require special conditions in accommodation and training and all our needs were met. Before the main preparations for RIO-2016 we used services provided by SmartSport. During the planning stage, they helped to avoid all risks related to sport training camps abroad. Apart from great organization of sports services, the company also took care of the tour program. We had a great rest and got a lot of positive emotions. The athletes received the necessary attention and care since the arrival and until their departure. The team and couches had a great time and a memorable experience, and brought home lots of good memories, souvenirs and hope to use SmartSport services again when during our next championship tour.
    Gennady Vdovichenko
    Head Coach of the Ukrainian Paralympic Swimming Team
  • ОСИПОВ_1The main benefits of working with Ilia and SmartSport team lies in the convenience – all the packages provided by SmartSport feature the sports facilities right next to the places of athlete’s accommodation. We’ve gone to Cyprus already twice! Limassol features a great pool, a nice gym, and its nature allows the general sports training, such as running along the sea shore. We had good meals, the food and drinking water were delivered in high quantities right to our rooms. The rooms featured kitchens too, so we always had food supplies. All the organization questions were solved almost instantly, which is one of the main benefits of the company. I'd like to cooperate with SmartSport again!  
  • ТОЛОКНЯНИК_1I've been going abroad with our sport teams over the last 10 years, and I had to deal with a lot of issues unrelated to the sports training. Ilia managed the organization process for us in 2012 for the first time, when we went to Cyprus. We’d enjoyed the pool, accommodation and the sea, and especially the fact that November greeted us with a nice summer weather. They hosted us well at the hotel and we were surprised to get presents at the welcome dinner. Four times the SmarSport team provided us the best packages for sport training camps. We’re always glad to come and train at the camps they arrange!
    Svetlana Toloknyanik
    Swimming Coach of Ukrainian Swimming Team

How Often Do You Train in Paradise?

We offer you to arrange a training camp in Cyprus and Spain in Winter 2017. You will find the best packages which provide you a wonderful sport training camp at the Mediterranean Sea during the early season -2017.

“SmartSport is one of the few companies that we are always ready and glad to work with.”

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Since 2012, the founder of SmartSport constantly develops partnership relations with sport complexes, training camps and hotels in Europe. Today, 322 objects of such kinds are listed in our database.

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We are passionate about sports and the quality of our services. Over 2000 satisfied customers are convinced that we provide the best sport packages.

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The true value of each package exceeds its commercial price. The quality of sport facilities and comfortable accommodation stimulates the physical endurance and psychological stability of athletes.