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Rogla Unitur Sport Resort & Climatic Spa

Slovenia, Rogla 1 3214 Zreče
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Situated in one of the best furnished mid-high altitude mountain centres at 1517 metres above sea level, the Rogla Olympic Centre, with its exceptional location in the midst of spruce tree woods, makes it an ideal choice for athletes of all ages undergoing active preparation or training.
Ljubljana, which is about 130km from the resort, is served by the airport in Brnik (Ljubljana airport) with several international and low cost airlines operating from there.
Transfers are available on request.

As you would expect from a centre with such a long-standing reputation, Rogla offers a wide range of both outdoor and Indoor sport facilities.
From 11-aside and 5 or 7-aside football pitches and outdoor and indoor tennis courts, to a fully equipped Sports hall that caters for the major ball and racquet sports and gymnastics.
In addition, there is a smaller hall for table tennis, warming up/down or martial arts training.
To complement the primary facilities, a 13 x 10m weight training and exercise Gym and a pair of climbing walls add to the variety of activities available.
For serious high altitude training, there are rooms at the Centre equipped with devices that can reduce the air oxygen concentration, thus simulating a specific altitude. Computer-managed devices can simulate various altitudes and consequently oxygen concentration. The results of training and spending time in these rooms can be seen as early as after a couple consecutive visits.
For competitive training, friendly matches can be arranged upon request.

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