About us

About SmartSport.com™

Founded in September 2016, SmartSport.com™ is striving to help everyone involved with sport, be it clubs, teams or facility providers, to organize themselves into a fully inter-connected global community.

With the slogan "Connecting to win", we are building an on-line marketplace of sporting facilities and travel services which sports teams need to organise training camps and sports events around the world.

Our mission

To provide the fastest and easiest access to sport facilities all over the world.

Our vision

To design an indispensable tool for collaboration within the sporting community.

What we do

For sports teams

Make it possible to search, view and book both the facility and accommodation, transfers and flights in just a few clicks.

For sporting facilities

Our fully integrated platform allows facility owners to automate the scheduling processes inside any sports facility, by providing free access to the first cloud CRM system, and attract more domestic and international customers.

For sports federations

The Platform gives a wider choice when it comes to the hosting of regional, national and International competitions and championships. Organizing training camps becomes an easy, fair and open process.


We currently work with sports facilities in 32 countries. On the map you can see our coverage for 2017 and plan for 2018.

We are real people!

  • We seek for new knowledge and skills
  • We find new opportunities and grow our markets
  • We strive to meet unsolved challenges
  • Need help? Write us an email, and we’ll answer your questions!