Founders improvement

The founders are able to take advice, accept criticism, respond to it and improve

One of our main work principles is to closely monitor changes in the market and as a result, constantly update our product to respond to market needs.

Initially we envisioned the key advantage of the company as being a fully packaged solution for our customers, that is, the booking of a sports facility, transport and hotel. Sales managers who worked with clients found great demand for booking hard-to-reach sports facilities, but without being tied to the offered hotel.

We were able to quickly change course and give the best solution for the benefit of the client. Also we realized that a great deal of effort was being spent on managing the offline part of the business. While this area is bringing revenue now, it will become much more difficult to scale as we grow, compared to a full online CRM system.

We restructured and made the offline part of the business the responsibility of one of the key managers. This allowed the founders to concentrate on the main goal - the path to a stable, scalable model.

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