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Affordable Spain: how to organize a training camp, which suits every pocket

How to save a lot of money and get excellent sport results


It’s time to sum up: Life after TechCrunch Disrupt

What the worlds biggest start-ups conference has brought to SmartSport™

Dave Salo about SmartSport™: “The American sports market needs the online service”

Dmitriy Kachurovskiy held a meeting with Dave Salo, head coach of the University of Southern California swimming team


Top 5 bizarre sports rituals from around the globe by SmartSport™

A short virtual trip around the globe, to discover the most impressive sports customs.


TechCrunch Digest

Read the conference diary


SmartSport teams up with Dmitry Kachurovskiy is uniting with Ukrainian businessmen, CEO of Meteor Sports Center and president of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation Dmitry Kachurovskiy.


Sport Experience takes the interest in™

Sport Experience invited the CEO Ilya Popov to the following business conference to discuss the partnership


Smartsport is glad to introduce a new site version! is moving to a Beta version, which is handier and has greater functionality, compared to the previous one.

startup crash test

Smartsport makes its mark at the battle of startups

The founders Ilya Popov and Artem Nefedov took part at Startup Crash Test at TechCrunch Disrupt!

TechCrunch Disrupt is the place where great businesses start

Competition preparation has risen to a whole new level can become a reliable assistant in preparing for major competitions, such as Open Water Championship in Marseille and the World Swimming Championships in Indianapolis.

Training camps in Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games

The impact and effectiveness of the Mediterranean climate on training camps is well known. We offer an overview of the characteristics of the Greek sports facilities

10 life hacks for an athlete in Cyprus

To have a comfortable training camp in Cyprus and get the most out of your stay on the Island of Love, follow the advice of

How to arrange training camp for more than 300 athletes?

Athletes of the SHOGUN SPORT CLUB had held their training camp in Bulgaria


The partnership agreement between Smartsport and USF

The CEO of inc. Ilya Popov and the President of Ukrainian Swimming Federation Dmitry Kachurovskiy signed a partnership agreement.

SMARTSPORT Inc has gained the support of Moldova Water Sports Federation

The Smartsport company and the Moldova Water Sports Federation held a friendly meeting to discuss the opportunities for joint collaboration

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