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The summer of 2017 is a major asset for the swimming world. The final month of the summer season starts with the 15th European Junior Open Water Championship in Marseille, France and continues with the 6th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships in Indianapolis, USA.

Participating in any championship, teams have to deal with a range of tiring organizational issues which never come easy, even to the most experienced organisations. This is all the more true when talking about international-level competitions. Despite the fact that the event organizers offer accommodation options, the number of affordable ones is limited. In cases where the team has not been fast enough to book one of the low-cost hotels, there are several other options; opt out of participation, reduce the number of participants, put up with worse living conditions, or try another tack. Choosing a good hotel is not an easy task by itself, however, when you have to consider the particular demands of a sports group, it becomes even more complicated. can become a reliable assistant, not only when organizing a training camp but also when preparing for major competitions, such as European Junior Open Water Championship in Marseille and the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships in Indianapolis.

European Junior Open Water Championship, Marseille

The European Junior Open Water Championships are an international event that’s been held for the past 15 years, to showcase new, fresh talent. Young swimmers from the age of 14-15 can participate in a 5 km-long race, while 16-17 year olds participate in the 7,5 km event.

The championships organized by the LEN attracts participants from all over Europe and is a major event for every young swimmer. A trip to participate in another country is always is a responsible and important event. The price range in European cities is relatively high, which makes teams that don’t know about affordable solutions financially restricted. will generate a range of convenient options in any location at an affordable price, which includes transfers, accommodation, a full board meal plan and training sessions, to save time and money for sports teams.

Among all the participants, lots of national swimming teams have given their credence to and its simple, up-to-date approach to training camp organization. Thanks to the online service, the teams have gained an opportunity to save time, with no harm to their training process, whilst managing their financial resources wisely.

FINA World Junior Swimming Championship, Indianapolis, the USA

Right after the competition in Marseille, swimmers will set off for the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships. The international championship, which is going to be held in the Indiana State capital, Indianapolis, USA, welcomes female athletes from 14 to 17 and males from 15 to 18. The famous Indiana University Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI is going to host the teams from August 23 till 28.

Despite their vast experience, some of the national teams have left their trip organization to, opening the door to a new, innovative approach.

The transatlantic destination is well-known for its expense, which is more about the flight cost, rather than the city prices. However, great deals by the online service allows bigger teams to go, with no expense increase.

The benefits of is an absolutely new vision on the currently out-of-date process of training camp organization. All you need to do is to insert your details into the search form and the service will display a list of the best options from all over the world, corresponding with all of the team’s demands.

The on-line marketplace allows sport complexes representatives to register their venues, while visitors can see their availability online, which makes timetable coordination no longer a problem.

Carefully thought out offers from the site will allow teams to make an on the spot decision to participate in competitions, where previously there would not have been enough time to plan the trip.

Competitive pricing allows teams to attract more athletes and spend their money wisely.

The global online system allows teams to discover new places and book new options all over the world. thanks all the International federations and National teams, who have endorsed the service. The internet start-up continues to develop and expand its services to provide fast and simple access to sports facilities around the globe.

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