Dave Salo about SmartSport™: “The American sports market needs the online service”

Dipping a toe into the American market, the co-founder of SmartSport™ and President of Ukrainian Swimming Federation, Dmitriy Kachurovskiy, held a meeting with Dave Salo, head coach of the University of Southern California swimming team and the USC's Trojan Swim Club.

Dave is a real legend in the world of swimming. It is hard to find a swimmer who is not familiar with his glorious biography and unconventional approach. Athletes from all over the world are queuing up to get on his swimming roster.

Apart from being head coach, Dr. Salo also worked as an assistant coach at the 2000 and 2010

Olympics and the World Championships of 2003 and 2010.

Having one of the biggest names in worldwide swimming, Dr. Salo is a board member of the ASCA - The American Swimming Coaches’ Association- the most significant educational unit in American swimming, which consists of only 15 top professional coaches.

The American coaching star has helped to the winners’ rostrum lots of world-famous champions such as Ryan Lochte, Aaron Peirsol, Rebecca Soni, Jessica Hardy, Vladimir Morozov, Yulia Efimova, Amanda Beard and many others.

Dmitriy presented the idea of SmartSport™, after which the parties discussed the opportunities for future cooperation.

In Dave's opinion, SmartSport.com is a very convenient service, which allows the organization of training camps at a much faster rate. As an experienced professional, the coach knows what it takes to plan a training camp, especially if the event takes place in a foreign country. Talking about his personal experience, Dave shared the difficulties of organizing a recent training camp in Croatia.

It took their team over a month to plan the trip, even though they had local support. He went on to say that the online platform designed by SmartSport™ would encourage other teams who wanted to travel, but were not ready to take on the troublesome and time-consuming organizational duties.

Now that the coach is familiar with the advantages of the online marketplace by SmartSport™, which offers to select a training facility along with nearby accommodation, anywhere in the world, his logistical issues could become much simpler. An automatized system, featuring a personal account, will help to select a venue which best satisfies the team’s needs.

Dave emphasizes that the service is helpful, both for coaches and training facilities, as it can help to attract new visitors.

SmartSport™ appreciates the positive feedback from great international professionals and is glad to know that the product we are building is in demand around the world.

Note: Dave Salo in Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Salo

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