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What the conference has brought to SmartSport™

It is hard to imagine a bigger event for start-up companies than TechCrunch Disrupt, the latest of which took place in SF 18-20 September 2017. This year the Holy Grail in the world of technology start-ups opened its doors to about 500 early stage projects. One of the lucky few to be selected was SmartSport™.

Now, with the conference over, we would like to share our impressions and sum up the benefits, which it has brought our company.

What is TC Disrupt?

TechCrunch Disrupt is the annual conference, which calls together venture capital and angel investors, young enterprises, experienced business owners and media representatives.

Every year the hall is full of investors, walking around Startup Alley, to learn about cutting-edge ideas, the main stage is overloaded with speakers, representing technological business giants such as Google, Facebook, Intel, Uber and many others. Meanwhile the best of the best are fighting on the Startup Battlefield stage, to win the main prize and winner’s title.

The event’s significance is indisputable: last-year the TechCrunch conference helped start-ups to raise over $35 million in seed funding.

Cash inflows are not the only benefit the business teams can take away from the event. TechCrunch Disrupt is in some ways a vision into the future. Meaning, many of the ideas being presented here are, as yet, not widely known about and being made globally public for the first time.

SmartSport™ at the conference

The company, represented by its top management, Ilya Popov, Artem Nefedov and Dmitry Kachurovskiy, took the chance to get immersed in the atmosphere of innovation.

From day one, the team started establishing essential business connections with entrepreneurs who have had a global impact:

· The founders got acquainted with a representative of the Russian fund, which led to negotiations about the seed investors’ involvement.

· Blended into the Ukrainian start-up scene in Silicon Valley. Once settled, they were happy to share their ideas and experience with the local tech and investor community.

· Met members of the Polish investment fund Lara Capital Group, who offered advice and support about entering the Polish market;

· Formed relationships with some sports-related start-ups, like, and to exchange useful information and secure support for entering the local market;

· Discussed possible cooperation with travel-industry start-ups and

· Talked to a number of American investment funds and secured the expert support of Dr. David Saad from Mighty Capital. Currently, the alliance is working on the company’s strategy for entering the US market.

Being in the midst of technological breakthroughs and up to date concepts, the company’s managers have learned a lot about the market’s demands and development prospects. This will allow them to develop a business plan that can successfully tap into the American market.

Lessons learnt

Under the influence of the atmosphere, the company’s management made a decision to re-strategize the project.

Being in the midst of technological breakthroughs and up to date concepts, the company’s managers learned a lot about the market’s demands and development prospects.

One of the rules put in place on the basis of the new approach, is to minimize the cost of each mistake and make the most of the experience gained.

Now the founders of the company are studying their new market and meeting with a large number of sports and business related professionals in the US.

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