SmartSport teams up with Dmitry Kachurovskiy

  • company is uniting with Ukrainian businessmen, CEO of Meteor Sports Center and president of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation Dmitry Kachurovskiy.

Earlier the parties signed a partnership agreement, aimed at developing and popularizing sports activities along with providing joint participation in the organization of sports events.

However, the partners also decided to build a more profound relationship, which as a result, Dmitry has joined the project and become part of SmartSport’s top management on equal terms with the founders.

Apart from his financial investment, the Ukrainian businessman has got a lot more to offer the project.

Dmitry started his career as a swimming coach and rose first to CEO of Meteor Sports Center, which is the largest cultural and sports life center in Ukraine, and then to president of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation. Apart from a huge professional background, Mr. Kachurovskiy obtained a Sports Science master’s degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia USA, a master’s in Business Administration from Kyiv’s MIM business school and a PhD in Physical Education from the Dnepropetrovsk State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports.

Such an advanced level of professional and business expertise, along with his experience, will contribute to the startup's development and help to promote the idea.

It all started at the annual Ukrainian Swimming Federation conference, where one of the SmartSport Company representatives made a presentation about the startup. Dmitry took an interest in the project, which led to an official agreement.

The businessman believes that the young fresh-minded team is able to take sport to a whole new level and reorganize the training camp arrangement procedure. The startup will wean teams off the bureaucracy of the sports industry, simplify and speed up the logistical processes and create a new benchmark model for the entire sporting community.

With its outside-the-box thinking, SmartSport’s young team is currently changing the world for the better making it progressive and up-to-the-movement. Nevertheless, the support of a strong leader with his personal and professional background will only help to reinforce the startup’s standing.

The partnership has already started to bear fruit, by coming up with the ‘Connecting To Win’ project, which they will execute together with the European Swimming League (LEN). The idea is about creating an online atlas of aquatic facilities by allowing the sports complexes to sign up to a global catalog for free. The solution will help to expand the service database through the resources of local federations and collect information about all aquatic sports facilities, which has never been structured before. The catalog will be available on the LEN and SmartSport websites. After the swimming field, the project will move on to cover others sports.

The next step of the partnership is participation in the world famous business conference TechCrunch Disrupt, which it is hoped will bring the company an inflow of venture capital and brand recognition.

These pending events are only the beginning of Dmitry Kachurovskiy and SmartSport’s joint venture, which means that a lot more is coming in the future. Now, with the dynamic team joined by wisdom and experience, the startup is better able to conquer future career peaks.

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