at TechCrunch Disrupt!

September 18-20
San Francisco, the USA

In the middle of September, the top management of Ilya Popov, Artem Nevedov and Dmitry Kachurovskiy will head off for TechCrunch Disrupt to introduce the innovative internet platform for sports camp organization. Among all the challenging startups in Ukraine only fifteen of the most outstanding ones have been selected, including

After the benefits are highlighted, the startup is hoping to receive a major inflow of investment and expert knowledge. The company’s management is also considering the idea of expanding staff and opening a subsidiary in America.

TechCrunch Disrupt is the place where great businesses start. Lots of early-stage companies would like to attend the conference, however, it is not as simple as it seems as “seats are limited”. The event is going to take place in San Francisco, hosting around 500 progressive businesses teams, venture capital investors, and mass media presenters.

Participation in these types of project contributes to a startup’s evolution and, by extension, helps to learn more about the current market situation and can define the way it develops for many years to come.


The global startup was founded in September 2016 by sports businessmen Ilya Popov and Artem Nefedov and later joined by Ukrainian Swimming Federation President Dmitry Kachurovskiy, who became not only an investor but also a member of the company’s top management.

The company’s site is a global database of sports complexes and facilities, plus hotels within walking distance. This makes it possible to select the most suitable training facility, check its availability online and book it straight away. Currently, the project has more than 600 partners in 32 countries and cooperates with sports federations all around the world.

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