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Sport Experience is a major business accelerator based in The Netherlands, which cooperate with the FIFA, NOC, other major relevant to sports organizations, startups and investors. The project provides financial, resource and expert support to the early-stage companies, working specifically in the sports field.

One of the events held by the company is the annual Sports Business Day, which takes place in the beginning of November in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The biggest sportive startup occasion in Europe is a unique opportunity for progressive companies to demonstrate the proper potential and insights to attract the investment inflow from the European market and extend the business activity abroad. The accelerator is focused on the sports industry development.

The accelerator not only takes on the role of a platform for startup’s presentation but also assures of the actual support in finding the sponsorship and cultivating foreign markets.
Last year™ was involved in the event and had a chance to represent the company to the European business community.™ is the innovative marketplace for training camps, which offers to choose sports complexes, accommodation, and transfer at a single location. The project has become a revolution in the sports world, offering fast and simple access to the sports facilities worldwide. Currently, the startup deals with over 600 objects in more than 32 countries around the globe which are increasing daily.

Sport Experience calculated the startup’s accounting model and declared evaluation in 5 million dollars. The accelerator had attracted a number of enterprisers ready to invest according to the assessed valuation. However,™ made a choice in favor of the proper capital provider, offering not only financial but also knowledge-based support.

One year passed the parties are going to renew the cooperation. Sport Experience has shown the strong interest in the startup and invited the CEO Ilya Popov to the following business conference to discuss the partnership.™ is growing really fast, which is reflected in the site traffic, the number of orders proceeded, the staff increase and business indicators. Currently, the company opens branch offices in Europe and America. Since the startup applies the B2C business model, the presence of offices in different economic territories is very important for the market developing and establishing relationships with international partners.

At this stage the startup’s strategy largely depends on the SmartSport’s engagement in the American TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, which is expected to raise sizable funding from the transoceanic market, however, Sport Experience is ready to offer the independent cooperation terms. Sport Experience represents expressed a belief that the SmartSport’s idea is relevant and unique for the European market, which could serve the development of the industry at large.

The accelerator is ready to offer new investors and to provide all-round support with European affiliated branch opening.

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