The partnership agreement between Smartsport and USF

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On June 30, 2017, the CEO of Ilya Popov and President of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation Dmitry Kachurovskiy signed a partnership agreement.

The agreement is aimed at developing and popularizing sports activities along with providing joint participation in the organization of sports events.

As a result of the agreement, the Internet startup has won the support of significant new partners, while the Federation has discovered a way to simplify the procedure of organizing sports events.

The Internet platform for sports facilities booking organizes training camps for more than 25 swimming teams annually. The cooperation is especially important for the company, since the founders Ilya Popov and Artem Nefedov came up with the idea of the startup thanks to projects related to water sports.

The parties are planning to develop the relationship and have already discussed prospects of a future partnership in 2017 - 2018.

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