BEST Swim Centre

Spain, Colònia de Sant Jordi, Illes Balears, Carrer Roada, 35, 07638




Synchronized swimming


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About sports complex


BEST Swim Centre was founded in 2009 by two Olympic swimmers – James Parrack and Matthew O’Connor – who wanted to create the perfect training environment for swimmers of all levels. Since then, more than 100 Olympic and world swimming, triathlon, and Paralympic medalists have used the BEST Centre’s facilities. Dedicated to hosting training camps and competitions, the center provides a state-of-the-art pool, a meeting room/audiovisual room, a gym specially designed for swimmers, extensive area for land training, and other recreational facilities. The venue is ideal for swimmers, triathletes, synchronists, and water polo players.

BEST Swim Centre is close to the three-star Blue Water Hotel 3* (also owned by the BEST Centre), which offers comfortable accommodations. The hotel is set up to cater to sports groups. A transfer bus, gym, and drinking water are included in the price of accommodations. Focusing on the best water quality and energy efficiency, BEST Swim Centre is perfect for all connoisseurs of comfort and the latest technologies. The free-standing Olympic size sky pool was provided by Australia’s largest pool equipment manufacturer, Astral, which supplies the competition pools for the FINA World Championships.


It’s easy to understand why the founders of BEST Swim Centre selected Colònia de Sant Jordi. This small coastal town in Spain has picturesque views. Colònia is just 30 minutes by bus from the island’s only airport at Palma de Mallorca. The BEST Centre is situated within short walking distance of the Bluewater Hotel and the city center, which offers many shops, restaurants, and beaches. It’s also a great location for triathletes: Colònia de Sant Jordi is a peninsula with numerous beaches and coastlines that are perfect for open water swimming.

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