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The Cayman Sports Club is one of the most prestigious swimming centers on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It’s an excellent place for both professional training and youth sports recreation. The club provides regular training sessions for individual swimmers and synchronized swimming teams from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Estonia. Famous swimmers and championship winners are frequent guests of the complex: Darya Ustinova, swimming champion and record holder of Russia; Andrey Shabasov, World Champion and medalist at the European Championship; and Cyril Prigoda, silver medalist at the World Championship train regularly at the Cayman Club.

The Cayman Club has excellent infrastructure that allows athletes to live, eat, and train on the same territory. The complex is equipped with an indoor heated swimming pool, a basketball court (336 m2), a volleyball court, an indoor training ground, an area with artificial grass and wall bars (90 m2), a football field (250 m2), and a gym. Entertainers take care of children’s leisure, organizing daily recreational activities, beach games, and evening shows. All sports facilities and accommodation are conveniently located within a small area, making sports and recreation as comfortable and safe as possible.


The Cayman Club is located in Kiten, Bulgaria, right on the Black Sea. The camp has its own beach just 100 meters away. The Burgas Airport is 64 kilometers away (about one hour by bus).

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