Officers & Directors

Ilya Popov, founder and CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Ilya obtained a masters degree from Dnipropetrovsk National University in the Psychology of advertising. His business activities highlighted the need for an education in management, which Ilya successfully acquired at a business school in Cyprus while obtaining his MBA.

From 2012-2016, Ilya lived on the sunny island of Cyprus, organizing training camps for professional and junior sports teams. The experience demonstrated a high demand in this area, which warranted the need to carry out market research.

He personally visited 10 countries to talk with the owners of 120 sports centers in 36 cities. The investigation brought out a problem of coordination between sports facilities and their target customers.

Eventually, Ilya came up with the idea of building a link between the two. He created a marketplace for booking training and accommodation facilities, which became a sort of communication language between the sports venues and the athletic teams.

In September 2016 Ilya Popov and Artem Nefedov founded a new project for training camp organization - this is how SmartSportTM was born.

When Ilya isn’t at work, he does sport. The young entrepreneur is fond of boxing and running. As well as physical activity, Ilya likes reading and traveling.

                  • 9-year’s experience of owning and doing business administration
                  • Strong team-leadership and organizational skills
                  • Administration, financial planning background, real experience in the sports industry
                  • Hobbies: traveling, running, boxing, reading. Ilya Popov

Artem Nefedov, co-founder and CPO

Chief Product Officer

The enterpriser has two bachelor degrees in Management and Computer networks obtained from the National Mining University and the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine respectively.

Artem has been engaged in business development and project management since 2009 and has a strong e-commerce background. Before taking part in the SmartSport project, the young businessman had been managing an online store for 5 years.

In 2016 Ilya Popov together with Artem left for a business trip and visited 10 countries in order to interview the owners of 120 sports venues in 36 various cities. The event was organized with a view to carry out sports market research and determine the demand level of automatized training camp organization. This is when the new business idea took hold. The research results revealed the need and benefit of setting up a global online service for organizing training camps, which subsequently became SmartSport™.

As a hobby, he does CrossFit, plays the guitar, but what he likes most is planning sprints for the IT department - which he leads.

                    • 9 years of experience in business development;
                    • Strong skills in project management;
                    • E-commerce background;
                    • Hobbies: Crossfit, guitar, traveling

Dmitry Kachurovskiy, partner and CBDO

Chief Business Development Officer

Dmitriy obtained a Sports Science master’s degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia USA, a master’s in Business Administration from Kyiv’s MIM business school and a Ph.D. in Physical Education from the Dnepropetrovsk State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports.

The young Dmitry started his career as a swimming coach and rose to the CEO of the water sports complex “Meteor”, which is the largest cultural and sports life center in Ukraine. Currently, Mr. Kachurovskiy holds the post of Ukrainian Swimming Federation president and has been assigned the status of an internationally certified judge.

Apart from a career in the sports industry, the businessman was also involved in the real estate sector.

Dmitry’s cooperation with SmartSportTM started in 2017, after the company’s presentation at the annual Ukrainian Swimming Federation conference, which inspired him not only to become a mentor and investor but also take up the project management on equal terms with the founders.

Besides his professional skills, Dmitry is fond of reading and skiing.

                    • Over 20 years of experience, professional education
                    • Vast sports industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional management skills
                    • Coaching background; is aware of the market from the point of view of target customer
                    • Hobbies: Self-development, reading, and skiing.

Andrew Vilyanskiy, Managing Director

Andrey studied at Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University, where he later returned as a teacher.

Since 2007, Andrey has been a specialist in sales management. Between 2011 and 2016 he led a sales team in an international company, dealing with the Middle East market. Apart from his office career, Andrey has great experience in sports and coaching.The athlete held the title of Ukrainian National Karate Champion, with a 3rd Dan Black Belt.Despite occupying the position of sales executive, Andrey is head of the Regional Federation of Karate and a member of the regional coaching staff. Andrey has worked with junior Karate teams for 3 years and currently judges National Karate competitions in Ukraine.Andrey is very fortunate, as what he does for living is his hobby at the same time. There is nothing the athlete likes more than the sport of Karate. Free from training sessions, Andrey spends his time reading professional literature.

                  • 10 years in sales management
                  • Strong negotiation skills and persuasiveness, inspires the respect of his team and business partners
                  • Sports-related experience
                  • Hobbies: Karate.

Denis Gasanenko, CTO

Chief Technology Officer

Educated at the Kriviy Rig College of the National Aviation University, Denis has worked in IT development since 2009. He previously held positions as CTO in IT companies in Moscow, Russia. In Ukraine, he has participated in successful projects for one of the leading Ukrainian IT-technology companies. At the time he joined SmartSport™, Denis had his own business, making craft beer. Having come to SmartSport™, he decided to leave his business to best perform the technical tasks required by them. But he is still passionate about the promotion and brewing of real craft beer.

  • 8 years in IT development
  • Proven Project management skills
  • Experience in business ownership
  • Brewing Craft Beer

  • Inna Sanina, Digital Marketer

    Educated at Kherson National Technical University, Inna has been involved with online marketing since 2011. Her experience covers more than 100 projects involving online promotion and digital marketing. For 6 years worked in the marketing department of the Volkswagen Centre in Ukraine. Also Inna has been a leading marketer for the web studio, which specializes in design, website development and promotion. Inna is a coach in contextual advertising rates. At SmartSport™ she enjoys controlling the relationship between supply and demand and maintains balance through advertising channels.

  • 6 years Marketing experience
  • Contextual advertising Coach
  • Strong Social skills
  • Exercises regularly

  • Elena Aksyonova, Financial Officer

    Starting at the Pavlograd Technical School of the National Mining University to gain an Associate’s degree in Accounting, she went on to finish her academic education at the Dnipropetrovsk National University, earning her Bachelors and Masters degrees there. Since 2002, Elena has been gaining company experience in the field of finance. For almost 4 years she was running the finances for an international holding company with offices in: USA, China, Mexico, Australia, India, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, including managing multi-currency accounts. Elena’s main strength is automation, in order to get immediately such data as: ROI, CAC, LTV and others.

  • 15 years of experience in Finance
  • Strong International skills
  • e-Finance background
  • Enjoys travelling

  • Nataliya Malaya, HR manager

    Natalia’s education started at the Ukrainian Customs Service Academy, where is received a degree in Accounting and Auditing. Since 2004, Natalia has been involved in recruiting, the organization of HR processes and personnel management, as well as in PR and sales. She has experience of hiring a team of 30-40 employees and now, she has expanded SmartSport™ from 9 to 27 team players. She also supports the spirit of free creativity in the company and the involvement of each participant in the common cause. In what spare time she has, she is involved with the "Veselka" Folk Dance Ensemble.

            • 13 years of HR and recruitment experience
            • Good intuitive skills
            • Accomplished Team Builder
            • Enjoys spending time with her children

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