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This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the website, owned by SMARTSPORT.COM INC, registration number: 1924102, address of the corporate headquarters: Intershore chambers, Road Town, Tortola, BVI (hereinafter “we” “us” “our” and/or “Company”).


This Policy sets the outer limits of our obligation to safeguard information we receive from Users and third parties. Confidentiality is of paramount importance to the Company. We also understand the importance of keeping the information secure, and through this Policy we inform all Users of what we receive, use, and store. If we share information with third parties, this Policy explains the reasons, and governs our sharing and/or disclosure.

The general purpose of collecting personal information is to improve our services for the Users and all those who directly and indirectly benefit through the Users. We process personal data in several ways, such as making identification of the User and of the third parties for whose benefit the User purports to act, as well as analyzing online behavior, preference assessment, geographic location, and matters relating to the use of the device employed in accessing our website. The above-mentioned information helps the Company to improve and optimize our services; as an example, for: administration of booking and Personal Account of the User; offering other services from the Company and third parties to the User; sending news to the User about the services associated with the Company's activities; communication with the User (including by e-mail, mail, telephone or text messages as permitted); market research (the Company requests the Users to participate in surveys); detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or undesirable activities; improvement of the Company's services (including for testing, troubleshooting and improving the functionality of the website and quality of the Company's services in order to optimize and adapt the Company's website to the User's needs); assessing our performance and our Suppliers’ performance; determining the phone number when the User calls the Company (to link the User's phone number with the customer's card and information about the User); improving our customer support in case some calls are recorded for a limited time; ensuring regulatory compliance; using general statistical information for third parties, including public use (indication to third parties or public that the users of the Company's website are certain companies with their inherent characteristics).

By using our website and/or Platform, the User, and all persons benefitting directly through the User, accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the processing of personal data provided to us. We cannot verify the correctness or truthfulness of the information provided to us. However, since we pass the information onto our Suppliers to book your ticket or to reserve a facility, any incorrect information may ultimately cause either a delay or failure of booking. Therefore, the User is charged with the task of providing correct personal information to us. If you or any User do not agree with our Privacy Policy, then, regretfully, please discontinue using our Services.

This Privacy Policy applies only to our website, and all of its URLs, and not to those of our Suppliers. In turn, we are not liable as to how our Suppliers collect and use your private information; we urge you to read their privacy policy.


The personal data we collect are: contact telephone number; e-mail address; information about the User the volume of services or tickets it procures; and occasionally passport-related data if the governmental agencies require us to provide it. We automatically collect IP address; information from cookies[1]; information about the browser; access time; address of the page on which the ad unit is located; and the address of the referring page. Cookies are used only during a particular session or in order to save the User's preferences; we do not share information from cookies with third parties. Also, while a User is free to disable cookies in their browser and/or delete all cookies stored on the User's computer, some functionality features of our website may be impeded.

We also receive information about Users from the third parties and use that information to streamline payment between Users and Suppliers, to facilitate booking, and/or resolve occasional disputes between Suppliers and Users – ultimately all in an effort to improve your and other Users’ experience with us. For example, when a User enters the website by logging in using a third-party service, we may collect information from the social networking profile on the referring website, including the open profile of the User of the website and the e-mail address.

Subject to applicable regulations, we employ reasonable safeguards to prevent others from improperly using or using without authorization personal data. Credit card details are securely stored or just outright deleted shortly after the consummation of the transaction.


We do not engage in business with minors, i.e. those who have not attained the age of majority. In cases where certain trips and reservations include children, we use children’s personal data only with the legal guardian’s and/or parent’s consent. When a User books through us and makes a reservation for a minor, the User making such reservation is tasked with obtaining parental consent or the consent of the child’s legal guardian.


The information other than what is mentioned in this Policy is only subject to safe storage and non-distribution, except as required by law enforcement or regulatory agencies. Should we be required by law to disclose some of the User’s private information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies, in such case we will not be held liable to either the User or any other persons acting or benefitting through the User for such disclosure. If you feel that we no longer should either keep or use your information, then delete your account, or ask us to do it. There may be limited situations when we will have to temporarily keep information about User, to ensure legal and/or regulatory compliance. Lastly, we are amending the Policy from time to time; therefore, you are invited to visit this page often to keep up with our amendments. Any questions about this Privacy Policy can be directed to; please indicate “Privacy Policy” in the subject line of your inquiry.

[1] "Cookies" are small text files automatically saved by your web browser when you visit almost any website. A cookie often includes a randomly generated number that is stored on the User's device. Many cookies are automatically deleted after the website is closed. Cookies contain basic information about your use of the Internet. Every time you return to the website, your browser sends these cookies to it: thus your computer or mobile device is recognized, and your preferences are taken into account, making your interaction with the website more convenient and efficient.

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