Regulation of reviews

SMARTSPORT.COM INC, registration number: 1924102, address of the corporate headquarters: Intershore chambers, Road Town, Tortola, BVI (“we” “us” “our” and/or the "Company"), has developed an internet platform ("website") where the users may share their experiences, assess the quality of services provided to them, and assign ratings to the Supplier companies. Thus, we offer information useful in the planning of training trips, and strive to constantly maintain accurate and reliable content on our website.

Users may share their truthful opinions about the experiences they had after booking with us. However, authenticity of the review is a must, and unless a review goes against the letter and spirit of this Policy, we do not censor, edit, or delete it. If our Supplier believes the review is fake or untrue, they can write a response that will appear directly under the review; this response will be seen by everyone. We do not delete a review just because the Supplier disagrees with it. In turn, should the reviewer want to retract or delete a review about a Supplier, then the reviewer should ask us in writing to do so.

Posting of the following is disallowed:

  • reviews that do not reflect the User's personal experience;
  • reviews not associated with the services of the Company and/or Suppliers (for example, political, religious or public statements);
  • information about illegal activities or information propagating violence, and gross, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory statements;
  • materials violating the rights of others, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights (for example, publication of the full name of another person, their address or other identifying information without prior permission);
  • information used for the purpose of blackmail or extortion;
  • reviews of an advertising nature regarding the services of third parties.

We expect Suppliers of sport facilities and accommodations to display on our website truthful, unambiguous, and useful information for the Users. We measure Users and Suppliers by the same standards of accuracy and truthfulness. Through the on-line account, each Supplier is expected to publish timely updates relative to their facilities, and accurate, up-to-date information, including a sufficiently detailed description of their facility and of the services provided; display the available time slots when a particular training venue can be booked, as well as unavailable and/or reserved time slots when a venue is unavailable.

Suppliers understand that some users largely rely on reviews when deciding whether to book a particular trip or facility. While pecuniary interests may prevail over better judgment of certain suppliers, we understand that those suppliers may cheat and post positive reviews about their own company or services or do so via third party accounts. Some may write negative reviews about their competitors. We deem such actions dishonorable and do not condone them. While we are getting increasingly more effective at spotting such practices and preventing them, some fake reviews may nevertheless seep through onto our website despite our vigilance.

Users can contact us regarding perceived violation of the terms of this provision. Our employees will promptly follow up on the suspect reviews, and make a determination on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to the circumstances. Businesses cheating their way on our system will have their ranking adversely affected in our search algorithm. We may also disclose their conduct on our Website, thereby offering the public a chance to comment on their conduct, and in more extreme cases suspend or delete the entire listing.

Finally, we are constantly growing and developing, thus our terms and conditions will change over time. Any amendments to this provision shall come into effect upon the date of their publication on the Website. Therefore, please check in once in awhile to see the updates to these terms.

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