The rules for placing information about sports facilities, hotels, apart-hotels and apartments on our website

You acknowledge that the provision of the Services through our website must be in accordance with these rules for posting information about the sports facility, sports facilities, hotel, apart hotel and apartments on our website (hereinafter the Rules).

We reserve the right to change these Rules at any time, at our sole discretion. Any changes to these Rules come into force from the moment they are published on the website. If you provided us with an email address, we will also notify you by e-mail about changes to these Rules.

You are responsible for carefully reading the Terms and Conditions before using the website. Your continued use of the website means that you assume responsibility for complying with the current Rules.

All references to "Company", "us", "our", "us" or "SMARTSPORT" means SMARTSPORT.COM INC, a company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, with registration number: 1924102 the address of the central office: Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, BVI.

All links to a website and website mean any pages of

All references to "You" and "Your" means the person or persons who are officially acting on behalf of the sports facility, hotel, apart-hotel, apartments, who have the authority to represent its interests to our Company and offer their services through the website .

For the purposes of these Rules, we mean that a sports facility is:

  • Stadium,
  • Sports / multipurpose / games room,
  • Swimming pool / complex,
  • tennis court,
  • Athletic track,
  • Playing field,
  • Any other room, playground, space, etc.,

Which is used to:

  • Play sports,
  • Training,
  • Conducting competitions,
  • Holding any other sporting events,
  • Leisure activities.

For the purposes of these Rules, we mean that the sports facilities are:

  • sports camp,
  • A sports facility with the provision of accommodation services,
  • Any other room, space, which simultaneously provides accommodation services and has sports facilities.

Services - all services that you provide by offering your service through a website.

A customer is a person who is simultaneously a user of the Services and a user of the Company's services.

For sports facilities, hotel, apart-hotel, apartments to be placed in a certain category of our website, we must ensure that the sports facility, hotel, apart-hotel, apartment meets the criteria defined in these Rules.

To publish information about your sports facility in the list of sports facilities displayed on the website, such a sports facility must meet the following criteria:

  • Obligatory presence of your representative on the site at the time of the Client's arrival;
  • Ensuring the Client's access to the sports facility and / or place of residence at the agreed time for the provision of the Services.
  • Constant maintenance and cleanliness of the facility and compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards;

To publish information about your hotel in the list of hotels presented on the website, such hotel must meet the following listed criteria:

  • Permanent presence of the administrator at the site and the ability to register around the clock;
  • Daily cleaning, which is included in the room price;
  • Private bathroom for each room;
  • Ability to provide meals.

To publish information about your apart-hotel and / or apartments in the list of apart-hotels and / or apartments presented on the website, such apart-hotels and / or apartments must meet the following criteria:

  • Obligatory presence of the administrator on the site at the moment of arrival and departure of the Client;
  • Cleaning, before the arrival of the Client, which is included in the price;
  • Bathroom / shower room;

You are obliged to provide the Company with photos of the facility. Photos of the facility should be provided in a quantity and quality, so that they fully display (if it is characteristic of the properties of such facility) including, but not limited to:

  • The outside appearance of the facility;
  • An internal view of the object;
  • Guest rooms;
  • Dining area;
  • Pool and gym, if applicable.

You are required to provide the Company with a description of the facility that will indicate the detailed characteristics of the facility, indicating the dimensions, areas and other digital indicators of the facility and its parts. Based on this description, the Company, as well as users of the website, must determine all the features of the site (for example: the size of the room, the number of people who can exercise at the same time, the size of sites, pools, paths, etc.).

You are also required to provide the Company with the following information about the facility:

  • It’s full name;
  • Contact information of the responsible person;
  • The location address;
  • Copies of registration documents;
  • Price for each Service;
  • The minimum period for the provision of services, if such is provided (for example: a session lasting 30 minutes, a 2-hour session, a 3-day stay);
  • Additional services that can be provided.

Having fulfilled all of the above conditions, you can expect that the Company will post your facility on its website.


You understand and accept that in the event of a discrepancy between your facility and the information provided by you (including but not limited to providing inaccurate incomplete, misleading information), you bear all possible responsibility, including material, to the Customers.

In the case of finding an inconsistency between your facility and the information you had previously stated, after making an advance payment to your benefit for the Service, you undertake to return the received funds to the Company account within 24 (twenty four) hours from the time of such detection or offer identical Services, which fully comply with the declared requirements of the Company for such services or facilities provided by a third party.

Having identified the inconsistency between your facility and the information you had previously stated, the Company has the right to stop working with you and block access to your Personal Account. You will be notified via the e-mail address indicated in your Personal Account. In this case, the Company will provide you with the opportunity, within one (1) month from the date of such a decision, to access the information you need from your Personal Cabinet.

In the case of finding a discrepancy between your facility and the information previously stated by you, at the Company's request, you will compensate all expenses of the Company related to its actions in this regard, including, Changes to the website required as a consequence of such detection, as well as lost profit to the Company.

You accept and undertake to bear and cover all possible costs incurred by the Company in connection with claims and disputes (including the costs of supporting the resolution of such disputes) of Customers arising on the basis of the Services you provide to such Clients.


If information about your facility changes with respect to what was previously stated by you, you undertake to make changes in your Personal Account in a timely manner and notify the Company in writing via email to
If the Company has received a booking and / or the Company / you received a payment / prepayment for the Services, but you can not, for any reason, provide the previously stated terms of the Service, you must make every effort to offer an alternative Service provided by you or a third party, which fully meets the requirements of the Client. If you can not offer such an alternative, you are obliged to return the payment / prepayment, as well as to compensate all expenses incurred by the client for the purpose of obtaining the Service (including but not limited to air tickets, transfer, visa fees, etc.).

If, after certain changes, the facility does not meet all of the above conditions, the Company, at its discretion, may decide to terminate its partnership with you until certain changes are introduced that allow us to provide your services through our website.

Reliability of information in your Personal Account

Through your personal account, you enter onto the website information on the availability of vacancies, free hours, your working and non-working time periods. The information is entered so that all non-working or occupied periods of time (periods of time when Customers can not use the Services) were marked as booked, redeemed or inaccessible.

You are required to enter information about non-working periods, the absence of free places / hours about your facility on the front page for the entire period in which such non-working periods will be and / or there will be no vacant seats / hours.

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